To understand what a sorceress is and what she can do, you must first understand sorcery. Sorcery is a practice of casting spells, communicate with and embody demons and other spirits to affect the natural order of things or to provide a desirable outcome in certain situations. A sorceress is a female that practices sorcery. Often, sorceresses are also witches but this is not always the case. This early magic of sorcery was also known as sympathetic magic and a sorceress would use practices that involved animal or other blood sacrifice, and pushing pins into dolls.

Sorcery was one of the first forms of magic ever practiced. Those in the prehistoric days were using sorcery and as time went on and sorcery found its way into the Middle Ages, it was then that sorcery began to be viewed as malicious black magic. A sorceress in these times was thought to be evil as well for she would need to call on evil spirits for specific situations or to cause harm to others. In ancient Rome however, all the people believed in some form of sorcery whether it was divination or necromantic practices. The medieval times also thought that sorcery was a sin of the greatest kind and that sorceresses were servants of Satan and that they attended weekly ceremonies to celebrate their evil god.

Today sorcery is still considered to be evil as sorceresses mainly cast spells and work with wax dolls and pins specifically to cause harm to another person, or people. It’s also believed that sorceresses will conjure up spirits and evil beings so that they can not only help harm people but also help the sorceress in all evildoings.

Although every sorceress is different, just as every person is different, there are some general characteristics that can be looked for in a sorceress. They will always practice dark magic, this is essential to being titled a sorceress. They also prefer to work by themselves and although they will personally interact with other sorcerers and sorceresses, they will almost never work together. They will use their power of calling demons quite extensively as they will use the evil demons for any of their evil plans. They will use magic tools such as cauldrons and wands, to perform their evil magic. Sorceresses may worship the devil and they are more likely to do so if they are a witch as well.