A sorceress needs many tools to perform the black magic that she does. These tools are not exclusive to sorceresses and can often be household items. However, the use of them is very different than that of their other kinds and the sorceress may even sometimes have specific types of tools that she prefers to use. Listed below are some of the most common tools a sorceress will use.

Cords and strings are most often used when the sorceress is performing a very repetitive spell. This could simply be sitting over a cauldron while twirling cord and string and chanting. Often the string will be tied in knots and the number of knots is indicative of how many times the chant must be repeated. Candles are also another very common tool of the sorceress. She can not only use them as an aid when casting spells but she can also achieve that altered state of consciousness needed to perform sorcery. Sorceress will often personalize her candles with an insignia of some kind.

If a sorceress is going to be performing a spell that will directly affect one other person, she will often use a doll to perform this spell. She may poke the doll with pins, if it’s a specific intent that she has, where she wants them to be affected. If the sorceress is performing the ritual on someone else’s behalf, she should first obtain something personal of theirs such as a few strands of hair, to place on the doll. This will make the ritual much more effective.

One of the things that sorceresses are most known for is their ability to conjure spirits and use them in their work. This is why spirits are one of the most important tools a sorceress could have. Sorceresses will try to do something in exchange for the spirit that helped her once the task has been completed. Charms and amulets are often used by sorceresses. These are usually objects that have been found and can be kept or given away for good luck.

And just below spirits on the important principles of practicing sorcery is divination. A sorceress must feel a close spiritual connection to the spirit she is trying to conjure in order for her task to be completed. This is why Gnosis is practiced as it will greatly aid the sorceress in achieving divination.