Sorcery, or black magic, is more than just merely wishing extremely hard for something to come true. It’s even more than finding a spell on the Internet and trying to cast it yourself. True sorcery can only be performed by a sorcerer or sorceress. Sorcery is a complicated practice and sorceresses have tools that required and they also possess a certain closeness with things that are considered to be dark. For a sorceress to perform sorcery, she first needs to take into account three main principles.

The first thing the sorceress needs to specify is her intent with the sorcery she is just about to perform. The intentions can be general or specific. For instance, someone may ask a sorcerer to conjure evil spirits to inflict harm on someone else. The harm can be in general terms, “as long as they are in pain,” or specific, “hurt his back.” Sorceresses generally prefer to have specific intents as they are the ones that are felt the most intensely although general intents can sometimes be easier to perform.

The next step a sorceress will take is to make a connection between her intent and an object to focus on that does not remind her of the intent. The sorceress will then try to bring herself into a state of Gnosis, or altered consciousness. Once the sorceress has achieved Gnosis, she will then start casting the spell and no longer pay any attention to the focus object. However, getting herself into a state of Gnosis is not always an easy task and it’s also an experience where actions cannot be predetermined. Gnosis is an extremely deep state of meditation, where those seeking to obtain it, are looking to find a universal truth and engage in an experience with their god. Each sorceress will have her own needs as to how far in Gnosis she needs to be and they will not cast spells unless they are comfortable they have achieved it.

The sorceress will then throw her intention into a void and there is no longer any reason to think about it. Although many sorceresses like to remember what they have done, some do not and so they may forget. If the sorceress does not wish to remember what she has done, she can complete a Banishing Spell immediately after she has performed the sorcery. This will erase it from her mind.