What is a Sorceress?

To understand what a sorceress is and what she can do, you must first understand sorcery. Sorcery is a practice of casting spells, communicate with and embody demons and other spirits to affect the natural order of things or to provide a desirable outcome in certain situations. A sorceress is a female that practices sorcery. […]

Tools of the Sorceress

A sorceress needs many tools to perform the black magic that she does. These tools are not exclusive to sorceresses and can often be household items. However, the use of them is very different than that of their other kinds and the sorceress may even sometimes have specific types of tools that she prefers to […]

Sorceress and Sorcery

Sorcery, or black magic, is more than just merely wishing extremely hard for something to come true. It’s even more than finding a spell on the Internet and trying to cast it yourself. True sorcery can only be performed by a sorcerer or sorceress. Sorcery is a complicated practice and sorceresses have tools that required […]

How Dangerous is Sorcery?

It’s no secret that sorcery, or black magic, holds a certain allure for a lot of people. The idea of doing the unthinkable and something that seems completely illogical, and have it actually happen just holds a mystery about it that one must investigate. But sorcery can be a very dangerous practice and one that […]

Sorceress in Popular Culture

Sorcery and in turn, sorcerers and sorceresses have become more and more intertwined with popular culture. People have always found the idea of sorceresses in the woods bent over their cauldrons, as they were in Macbeth holds something very fascinating. In the past, there had been many generalizations regarding sorceresses and what they did, what […]

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